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Michigan Child ID Program

Masons Providing Identification Packages to
Help Find Missing Children!



For Immediate Release to the Press:
Masons to Perform
Free Child ID Program


Each child that goes through the process will receive
a dental impression as well as a CD containing a photo,
video, digital fingerprints, and their vital information.
Parents or guardians of children who participate
must be present and fill out a permission slip
for the child to receive this service.
The Michigan Masonic Child ID Program provides the
family with everything needed for the Amber Alert System.  
The Program is also considered one of the most
comprehensive programs of its kind by the National Center
for Missing and Exploited Children and is also endorsed
by the Michigan Sheriff’s Association as well. 
The Detroit Office of Homeland Security has stated:
“The Michigan Masonic Child ID Program is the greatest
program that they have seen,” and it is highly touted
by many local police agencies!
                                       For questions or more information about the event
or to schedule your own event (8 week lead time please), you may contact:
Wayne Lodge #112, 734-721-7950;
or via email at:  bernardbrewer@me.com
or consult the Michigan Child ID Web Site at:

Wayne Lodge - MICHIP Future Schedule:
Watch this space for further Event Scheduling

The Program:

The Michigan Child Identification Program - MICHIP - is a lodge-based, community-action, initiative that is sponsored, scheduled, and organized by the Michigan Masons through the Grand Lodge of Michigan.

At a MICHIP EVENT, the Masons set up the equipment and enlist the volunteers necessary to generate individual, completed, child identification packages that are given to a child’s parent or guardian to take home for safe keeping (we keep nothing but a permission form).  It is the responsibility of the parents to then provide the package to law enforcement, if their child becomes missing, as an aid to recover their child.
Each child progresses through the several stations of the Event (it takes about 10-15 minutes) generating an identifying item at each station and placing them in his or her package. Parents are reminded to take the package with them on trips and vacations (it does no good leaving it home) as it can be immediately provided to authorities to aid in the recovery of a child that is missing or presumed abducted.

An Event in the Public Interest by the Masons of Michigan,
Including Wayne Lodge #112 of Westland, Michigan
Program Highlights:
  • No charge to parents
MICHIP is provided free of charge to the public.  All of the indemnifying iteming generated during the event are given to the child's family.
  • Toothprints® Dental Impressions
Teeth, like fingerprints, are unique.  Even with a child who is losing and gaining teeth, a dental imprint gives accurate and important information for identification purposes.
  • DNA
Cheek cells in saliva provide DNA, which can uniquely identify anyone.
  • Dog Scents
Saliva provides a pure, exclusive trace scent, which tracking dogs can use to find lost children.
  • Color Photo
Amber Alert is in operation through¬out Michigan.  The color photo can be circulated by police to media throughout the state within two hours of an abduction.
  • Fingerprints
Fingerprints are a well known tool for recovery and identification.
  • Recorded Interview
A brief, videotaped interview is invaluable to an investigator.  The MICHIP interview captures the appearance, speech, mannerisms, and important personal characteristics of a child.  It is the cornerstone of the program.

Wayne Lodge Chairman
WB Bernie Brewer PM3
734-231-4791 or bernardbrewer@me.com

Wayne Lodge #112 F & A M of Michigan
37137 Palmer Road
Westland, MI 48186-3964
   Or send E-Mail to MWB Rick Ruhland (PGM) - Secretary   
@Copyright 2015 Wayne Masonic Lodge #112

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